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This website is a sample collection of artworks by Gary Solomon, an artist from Los Angeles.


Gary’s successful 40 year career included serving as the Art Director on Kawasaki USA’s account, creating numerous national advertising and television campaigns. He also spent two years working on Verizon Wireless, developing their national branding and crafting Creative print & radio campaigns. Other clients he has served include Disney, University Of Judaism and ABC Television.


Three years ago, Gary and his family moved to Israel. He and his wife Roberta now live in Nahariya, where Gary spends his time drawing and painting, inspired by the beautiful canvas that is Nahariya. You can purchase ORIGINAL ART & SIGNED GRAPHIC PRINTS at or Call 053-708-7853. Or LIVE CHAT Gary.


Gary’s Art can be seen at Octattoo at Hagaaton 14

 +972 52-282-2939  • FACEBOOK: OcTattoo.Nisan 

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